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Львів - Вул. Соломії Крушельницької 3

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Львів - Вул. Соломії Крушельницької 3

Турніри в Comein


It all started as in the same-name movie: you started a game that brought you to real jungles! Everything is strange, poisoned and willing to kill you here. Now you are in a hunter's house but it's not safe here.
In addition to wild animals, there are other players that think you want to replace them in the upcoming competition, so they throw sand in the wheels. The hunter said that somewhere in his house, there is a portal that leads to your reality. You need to find it before you'll be caught by the other players or eaten by the animals.
Use all your smartness, find clues, make old mechanisms work. Remember, that you have only one hour to solve all the mazes. Once you get stuck, you can use the help of the hunter.
You'll have to explore no less than 3 rooms in just an hour so be brave and quick! Don't you hear the terrible sound of hungry animals? The clock is ticking and your nerves are tickling.

Hurry up!

  • Complexity - 7/10

    This quest is OK for experienced maze-solvers

  • Вік - 12+

    До 18 років участь в турнірі тільки за дозволу батьків

  • Кількість учасників


  • Тривалість турніру

    2-8 год

  • Адреса

    м. Львів вул. Соломії Крушельницької 3 "Come In"

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